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Thornton Creek is a unique feature of the landscape--and community life--in northeast Seattle and Shoreline. The largest creek in both cities, it includes more than 18 miles of stream channel. Unlike other urban watersheds, over 90% of Thornton Creek’s channel flows above ground, through more than 700 backyards and 15 parks and natural areas.

Every month, I send out Creekside Properties News, a newsletter that I have developed specifically for homeowners along Thornton Creek and its tributaries (see sidebar).

I can help creekside homeowners:

• Set the right price for their home
• Find the right buyer
• Avoid or mitigate erosion or flooding hazards
• Learn best stewardship practices

For 16 years before I became a real estate agent, I was an environmental policy consultant. I helped many Puget Sound-area jurisdictions write their critical area regulations protecting streams, wetlands, and steep slopes. I am intimately familiar with how landowners can work within regulatory constraints to develop, redevelop, and maintain property along a creek.

I am also a past President and long-time leader with Thornton Creek Alliance, a locally based, all-volunteer, non-profit dedicated to preserving and restoring an ecological balance throughout the Thornton Creek watershed.

If you're interested to buy or sell property along Thornton Creek, I can help!

Creekside Cost per Square Foot 2023

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Map of Thornton Creek watershed

Map courtesy of Thornton Creek Alliance